Resolutions You Can Keep–Simple Countertop Maintenance

— January 26, 2024
Absolute Stone Countertop Cleaning Resolution


Resolutions You Can Keep–Simple Countertop Maintenance

It’s resolution season and here at Absolute Stone we resolve to keep countertop maintenance SIMPLE in 2024. We believe your countertops deserve the utmost care to maintain their enduring charm, but that doesn’t mean it requires lots of time and expensive products. Read on as we delve into the simplicity and specifics of caring for different types of countertops, ensuring that your investment stands the test of time.

Sustaining Natural Stone

Granite Countertops Cary Result

Our vast selection of natural stones, including granite, marble, quartzite, and soapstone, demands a gentle touch for proper maintenance. Opt for pH-balanced, natural stone cleaners to protect these surfaces from potential harm. Quick daily wipe-downs with a light soap and water prevent build-up, preserving the exquisite finishes of these exceptional stones. Plus, you only need to re-seal these stones about once a year. Don’t forget to always use a cutting board on these countertops!

Protection for Man-Made Stone

Recycled Glass Countertops

Man-made stones such as recycled glass, wood, and quartz variations also require a simple routine. Be sure to use a mild dish soap of neutral PH cleaner to wipe down counters regularly. This simple step enhances the durability and resilience of these surfaces, safeguarding them against the daily wear and tear in your kitchen or bathroom. An annual resealing ritual will leave your counters in tip-top shape.

Achieve Countertop Excellence in 2024

With the right care, your countertops will not just withstand the test of time—they’ll age gracefully, revealing timeless beauty. Resolve to elevate your countertop care game, and let your space radiate for years to come!

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